Solara Sophia Rose

tantric magic&                sacred sexuality


you are stardust you are earth




Tantric magic is designed for you to fully connect, activate, and align to your divine spark so you can co-create and direct your experience in synch with your intuitive rhythms, passions, desires, and timing. It's an invitation into pleasure and liberation at the most expansive levels using a unique fusion of tantric buddhism, practical magic, and energetic tools that will guide you home to the essential truth, power, and beauty inside.


Hi! I'm Solara, The Pleasure Oracle

I believe that it's your birthright to have unbound freedom, magic, and compassionate connection in your life. I believe that tantra and whole-hearted, soul-powered living are a way. I'm here to help you align with your pleasure, activate your shakti energy, and embody your radiance so you can author an inspiring love story... according to your truth and creative self-expression.




When we’re making love, we’re totally surrendered to the beauty, passion, and pleasure of the moment. We let go of our stories and desires to control so we can feel the sensations of ecstasy and bliss coursing through our body. Everything is open and fluid, we're fully connected, and our experience flows. That's the essence of tantra- letting the light of consciousness all the way in so we can achieve union. The question is, how do we infuse that warm, sensual, fiery energy into the rest of our life? How do we shift into a heart-centered, soulfully receptive space so we can access our full ability to manifest, create, and have our desires?

That's what I'm here to support you with.

Liberating your creative sexual energy and connecting to your divine spark so you can be fully present to the magic of life and empowered by the magic that you are. This journey is all about getting connected to the Truth (with a capital T) and knowing how to effectively co-create miracles, synchronicities, and savory, pleasure-filled experiences that align to your heart's true intent. Tantra and sacred sexuality are a gateway.

Are you ready to join the dance?



My soul chose the lightning path this time around and I met with a lot of resistance along the way. For years it was one catalysts after the next, with little to no space for rejuvenation. I survived several near-death experiences, the loss of a romantic partner, sexual abuse and rape, and multiple physical/energetic traumas that led to challenges with my health and toxic patterns of addiction. In 2009, everything came to head and I had a powerful satori awakening that ignited my shadow work and later evolved into a kundalini rebirth. At the time, I was guided to donate everything I owned so I could start traveling the country, which I did for ten years. On my journey, I interacted with thousands of people from nearly every state in the U.S. and parts of Hawaii, Mexico, and Canada who shared their personal stories, truths, struggles, and insights that helped birth deep revelatory understanding in me. It was a quest of raw, personal metamorphosis and study. I met with spiritual leaders, scientists, wisdom keepers, key holders, and people who led simple, down-to-earth lives- and studied numerous traditions ranging from shamanism to tantra to physics, energy, and anthropology... plus so much more that's too dynamic to capture with words. In retrospect, it was a huge blessing to walk the path I did so I could gather the pieces to the puzzle, integrate, and use the wealth of wisdom, knowledge, tools, and gifts that were activated within me to serve and guide others. With every initiation I gained strength, keen intuitive awareness, compassion, and a sacred knowing that I will always carry inside. It wasn't always glamorous but when it was, I learned that if something (anything) seems luxurious on the outside and appears to be everything we 'think' we want but is void of true depth, substance, and emotional fulfillment- what's the point? I'd rather be cozied up with a juicy romance novel and a warm, delicious cup of espresso hot chocolate! That's really what we're after- satisfaction in the moment and a felt, loving connection to life (and when we have that, we gain both). I want you to know that wherever you stand in this moment, it is possible to create profound, lasting shifts, reclaim your power and sensuality, and return home to love. It is possible to unwind your stories and weave new ones filled with intimacy, playfulness, and the most rich kind of abundance that fills and rewards you from the inside. It is possible to fully liberate yourself (at every single level: heart, mind, body, soul) so that you can design a miraculous, meaningful life that honors your creative expression, personal truths and desires. It is possible to rise and live out your legacy with radiance, pleasure, and a wide open heart.