Do you know why you’re living by the rules you’re living by?

Or investing your energy in things that feel like anything less than orgasmic inspiration?


Because the truth is: it’s ALL bendable, malleable, flexible, fluid, changeable, o p e n potential that can be transfigured + innovated- in ANY moment.

Which means: YOU are the master architect of your life.


So, what if you shifted your focus towards the things that electrify + enliven you, and away from the things that: don't?


Because there are a million ways we can unintentionally box ourselves in and limit our capacity to


into Pure Freedom


And sometimes those boxes seem necessary + noble

{on the surface}

and they’ll try ANY-THING to convince us we need them to validate our existence + uphold fragile constructs of security


When the most solid kind of security comes from ABSOLUTE TRUST in the currents of Life and our capacity to feel our Knowing + Power as we traverse the deep unknown


Acting on our gut intuitions


Caught in l i q u i d flow