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That you could wake up with clear energy, absolute trust, and magical influence that allowed you to relax into your full radiance and joy. This is possible and I'd like to invite you into this space.

It's your birthright to consciously ignite miracles and feel the ecstasy of creative liberation, through love.

If you're ready to take an exquisite, life-altering journey so you can unlock your magic and activate luminous new worlds of synchronistic possibility, click on the link and let's explore.


The World is Yours

Using Practical Application, Channeled Transmission, and Sonic|Photonic Technology, I'll support you with Embodying your I AM Presence so you can Allow your Desires into your Experience



    Create your Life by Conscious Design


Personalized Transmission

The true creative genius that's available to you will take you far beyond where any current manifestation or law of attraction teachings are capable of taking you. It's a force that, when harnessed with compassionate wisdom and understanding, will allow you to create in expansive ways you never dreamed possible. This is the magic you've been searching for.

Many of the trainings surrounding magic in modern society only include parts of the picture and can lead to unnecessary disruptions in the mind/body system, and often, the circumstances of our lives. There's a more graceful option available that aligns with the rhythms of nature and allows us to design reality in accordance with our will. In order to access and leverage this power and creative Universal intelligence that's already within you, it's important to shift your energy into harmonious equilibrium. My mission is to gently guide you into this space so that you can unlock brand new worlds of magical possibility and wonder.


Attune to the Universal Creation Frequencies

Gently alchemize programmed limitations so you can attune to the creation codes that vibrate all potential and possibility into form. I'll feel into your energy and make refined adjustments to align you with these tones so you can acclimate to their resonance and work with them to yield steady results in your physical world.

Establish Intimacy with your Truth so you can Live in Alignment with your Soul's True Purpose

The wisdom you need to fulfill your true destiny and purpose is already within you. It's encoded in your DNA. Together, we'll take an intimate journey into your core truth so you can ground it in and trust it to guide you.

Open and Expand your Energy for Supernatural Influence and Instant Creation

Integrate to wholeness and establish equilibrium in your field so you can adapt the collective energy and become profoundly magnetic. Your balance and openness will release resistance from your field and cause life to relax and breathe around you, which allows you to gracefully and rapidly receive what you've called in. When you fully inhabit your inner authority and I AM presence, you can create impactful, compassionate change in your own life and in the collective. I'll support you with making that a reality.

Work your Superconscious Vision and Extra Sensory Perceptions

One of the most powerful tools you have is your vision, it reconstitutes matter and determines the quality and outcomes of your creations. During our sessions, we'll explore your inner landscape so we can identify and reverse your unconscious patterns and open you to new perceptions and awarenesses that will allow you to consciously design your future experiences. I'll also support you with fine-tuning your abilities (clairaudience, clairsentience, claircognizance, clairvoyance, and transrationality) so you can discern and interpret the full spectrum of information that's available to you and live an intuitively guided life.

Anchor your Attention in the Deep Now so you can Stay Connected to your Power and Inspiration

The Now is where every creation is seeded and birthed. When you're fully harmonized to the present-moment you can consciously direct the flow of energy with elegant precision. I'll provide you with meditative, grounding tools and breath work that will support you in the full reclamation of your energy and power so you can stay in creative flow and cultivate lasting fulfillment.


Monday-Friday 1:00pm -5:00pm CT

During our experience together, I want you to feel fully seen, heard, embraced, and supported. When you reach out, I'll connect back within 24 hours.



Solara Sophia Rose

               Solara Rose serves creative visionaries who have a                                    strong desire for personal liberation and                                                      creative fulfillment in their lives. She awoke to her                                      power through a series of initiations that ignited her                                  journey into unified awareness. She is well known for                                her oracular vision, devotion to service, and ability to                                facilitate quantum transformations.

               Solara Rose serves creative visionaries who have a                                    strong desire for personal liberation and                                                      creative fulfillment in their lives. She awoke to her                                      power through a series of initiations that ignited her                                  journey into unified awareness. She is well known for                                her oracular vision, devotion to service, and ability to                                facilitate quantum transformations.









Katelyn Edgar, Intuitive Coach

Solara helps people understand themselves, discover their own divine value and gifts, and embody their full potential. She helps them see their own greatness and beauty so they can step into clarity of purpose. When people are feeling lost in their patterns of fear and have a hard time seeing the truth, she helps them find the way back to themselves, she shows them who they REALLY are. Solara helps people reach higher than they even knew was possible and then bring everything that’s been reached down to earth where it’s tangible and fully manifested in their lives. When people come to her, their fears and limitations are disintegrated and they can finally get a grasp on the truth and embody their radiance with ease. Solara helps people step-by-step to embody their highest self.

Sazzu Hope, Success Coach

Solara is like a light shining in a dark room. She makes you pay attention to the truth, to which she has a very clear channel. Her intuitive guidance is on point and her dedication to service is unparalleled. I think, above all, what you get with Solara is a guide you can truly trust to be there for you. Upon meeting her I felt that way and she hasn’t disappointed. Her openness and ability to clearly see what was happening in my energy helped me to identify and integrate the lessons I needed to move forward in my life and business. If you’re looking for guidance and support from someone you can truly trust, who is made of pure TRUTH, then Solara’s your woman!

Alauna Whelan, Inspiring the Divine Feminine

I feel so blessed to have crossed paths with Solara. I’m immensely grateful to have completed not only one, but two of her programs. Our time together was deeply healing and transformative. I was able to release old belief patterns while reinforcing and anchoring new beliefs that aligned with my highest good. Solara has a powerful, innate intuitive sense. Whenever I wavered, she provided support and gentle reminders. I’ve experienced huge spiritual growth. The trust and embodiment of what my true path is has become crystal clear through my work with her. Solara is a clear channel for divine love, wisdom, and intelligence. She understands blocks and challenges as she has overcome great adversity herself, which makes her support invaluable. The subtleties that Solara teaches awareness around are priceless. If you’re seeking deep transformative change so you can fully embody your gifts, I highly recommend working with Solara. She’s a true gem and her programs provide lasting value and results.

Allison Braun, Business & Lifestyle Success Coach

I booked an energy activation with Solara because I was going through a lot of emotional challenges in my life and business in the process of up-leveling. My body was reacting and responding for hours after triggers instead of letting things slide off my shoulders as usual. It’s very important for me to stay in integrity and to be doing my own personal work as I work with my clients, so I knew this activation would help me embody what I want and need for myself and my business while gently integrating the lessons that were coming through. My activation with Solara was SO profound — to the point that, for the last several weeks since, I’ve been referencing and utilizing the messages that came through daily.

Since the activation I’ve been able to stay present and grounded without getting reactionary, even in potentially stressful situations. There’s been a deep level of peace and a sense of trust which has freed up so much energy and allowed me to stay in a much more creative space. I’d recommend working with Solara to women who are experiencing a lot of change and transition (and up-leveling) in their lives and desire support in helping to integrate those changes in a gentle, graceful way. Solara is, no doubt, a loving vessel to guide and hold space for this BIG work. I can’t think of a more perfect soul to guide this mission.

Mira Zaki, Intuitive Photographer

From moment one, I knew Solara was someone I'd be connected to for a lifetime as a mentor, teacher, and friend. Her presence, wisdom, and vulnerability strike me on a daily basis. She's an extraordinarily powerful channel and I'm deeply thankful we're on this journey together. Her clear vision and profound insights into my life have provided me with incomparable peace, patience, and understanding. She has a remarkable personal story and she's able to communicate with your soul intuitively as if she's known you your whole life. Solara builds strong conscious communities, demands truth, and like a soulmate -helps you tear down your walls. She shows up as a clear mirror, always reflecting back to you the truth of who you are.



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Join us as we channel knowledge, wisdom, inspiration, and truth about the Universal energies of Oneness and Love



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